Vadim Vladykin, multiple champion of Russia among professionals in the European program, three-time finalist of the World Championships in European segway, the judge of the international category WDC, became the arbiter of the international tournament on ballroom dance Royal Cup.

A pupil of the sports and dance club “Dynamo”, Vadim has been fascinated with dancing sport since his childhood. Together with Veronika Boltvina, they danced for seven years and became champions of Russia, finalists of the World Championships in the European program.

After completing his dance career, Vadim took up coaching work, became head of the dance school “Celebrity”. He successfully teaches the European program. The slow foxtrot is Vladykin’s favorite dance.

Today Vadim and Anna Vladykin are organizers of various tournaments in ballroom dancing. Working as an arbiter is one of Vadim’s professional activities. At the Royal Cup, as part of a famous judging panel, he will go to the floor to assess the performances of tournament participants.