Sergei Mikheev is the World Champion among professionals in the segway, the finalist of the European Championships among professionals in European dances, the champion of Russia among professionals in European dances 2010, the winner of the Grand Prix of Russia among professionals (2004, 2005, 2008, 2009).

Head of the dance club “proDVIZHENIE”. One of the founders and a member of the Moscow Dance Union, a judge of the international category WDC, the representative of Russia in judging the World and European Championships among professionals, became a member of the Royal Cup jury.

Sergei from childhood was engaged in dancing. He successfully passed on the steps of the amateur career ladder: the champion of Moscow for the “E” class in Children, the finalist of the championships of Russia in the categories Junior, Youth and Adults. Serious international successes began in 2000, when Sergei, in a pair with then-partner Anastasia Sidoran moved to the TSC “Rhythm”: semi-finals of the Open Championships of Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, as well as the Blackpool and International quarter finals. The career of Sergei Mikheev in professionals has also started to develop successfully. In his piggy bank a lot of titles, including the champion: World Champion in the European segway.

“Segway is not just a schematic dance to music. This is the show you need to live. In order for a pair to have a unique number, it must mature. That is, not only be able to dance beautifully, but also accumulate sufficient baggage of emotional and spiritual experiences, have good artistic abilities, “- so the dancer described the distinctive features of the segway.

Sergei Mikheev is sure: “Dancing should be done only when you get pleasure from it. Couples perfectly dance when the dance is comfortable for them, when they are overwhelmed by some positive emotion from the fact that everything turns out”.