Less than 3 weeks are left before the end of registration of the tournament participants!

September 3 is the last day of registration of the participants of the Royal Cup tournament. Less than three weeks remain until the end of registration, which is now continuing on the official website of the event.

Champions of Russian and  international competitions in ballroom dances Anton Karpov, Elena Khvorova and Artem Kruchin invite you to join the participants and spectators of the first dance event of this autumn – the Royal Cup tournament.

Dancers in categories can take part in the competitions: Juvenal, Amateur and Pro-Am.

The tournament will be evaluated by a famous international judging panel from around the world. The dance program will be decorated by the performances of the strongest professional pair finalists of the World Championships and Blackpool: Alexander Zhiratkov – Irina Novozhilova, Cyril Belorukov – Polina Teleshova.

You are not ready to become a contestant yet? Come to the Royal Cup as a spectator! The sale of tickets for visitors to the daily program of competitions and evening shows continues. For the guests of the evening program, a dress code is defined – black tie.

Royal Cup will end with the performance of a special guest – the Russian pop star, whose name the organizers have not yet announced.

Please note that ticket sales and registration are possible only on the official website of the tournament!